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Maintaining your property year round is a top priority at Capital. Unforeseen damage caused by birds, graffiti artists, or unintended consequences need to be resolved immediately in order to maintain your property.

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Specialty Services
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Bird Abatement

Eliminate property damage and protect your image by letting us customize a bird control solution for you.

  • Clean debris from walls, ledges, awnings, and windows from buildings of any height
  • Install bird wire, netting, or spikes to keep the birds at bay
  • Repair old or damaged existing bird control products

Graffiti Removal

Rid your commercial property of unsightly graffiti with Capital Building Maintenance's expert graffiti removal services. Our highly trained technicians specialize in utilizing the best products and cutting-edge techniques to eliminate graffiti efficiently and effectively from various surfaces. With industry expertise, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched results, ensuring that your property maintains a pristine appearance.

Capital Building Maintenance's graffiti removal experts are dedicated to utilizing the best-in-class products, carefully selected for their efficacy and environmentally friendly properties. Trust us to restore the aesthetic integrity of your property with precision and professionalism, leaving no trace of graffiti behind. Experience the difference of Capital Building Maintenance's top-rated graffiti removal services, where expertise meets excellence.

  • Facades
  • Sidewalks
  • Stone surfaces

Damaged Glass

Instead of replacing costly glass, call us to see if your damaged glass surface can be restored. Call us to repair glass on:

  • hard water stains
  • etchings
  • scratches
  • spray paint

The Capital
5-Star Commitment

Capital Building Maintenance's five-star commitment encompasses transparent communication, stringent quality control, ongoing training initiatives, utilization of cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering dedication to service excellence. This holistic approach ensures our clients receive not only industry-leading maintenance solutions but also a seamless, transparent, and innovative partnership tailored to their unique needs.


Capital Building Maintenance prioritizes transparent and timely communication, ensuring our clients stay informed at every step of the maintenance process.

Quality Control

Our commitment to rigorous quality control measures guarantees that every service delivered by Capital Building Maintenance adheres to the highest industry standards, ensuring client satisfaction.


At the intersection of innovation and service, Capital Building Maintenance leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline operations, from advanced work order systems to real-time reporting.


With an unwavering dedication to expertise, our continuous training programs for staff members ensure that Capital Building Maintenance's team is at the forefront of industry knowledge and skills.


Capital Building Maintenance is devoted to delivering service excellence, going beyond client expectations to provide top-tier cleaning and maintenance solutions tailored to individual needs.

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